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Important Note: Underneath every single video in my Elite Poker University training there is supplementary material in the form of charts, guides, "cheat sheets" and more.

This is intended to help you understand the content in the video lesson on a deeper level, or explain some closely related concept for you in more detail.

It is not imperative that you read and study every piece of supplementary content in this course. But I just want you to know it's there, below every single video.

Lastly, I will include a download button below each guide, chart, cheat sheet etc., should you wish to save it.

For example, below you will find my Texas Hold'em Cheat Sheet for beginners.

If you are new to the game of poker, or struggling at the lower stakes, I recommend having a quick look at it, or download it and view it later.

Cheers, Nathan

Texas Holdem Cheat Sheet.pdf
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