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Proven Poker Strategies to Get You Real Results

Are you struggling to create real and consistent profits for yourself at the poker tables?

Still only getting "somewhere around break-even" results, like most people?

This is exactly what I have heard from so many of my poker students, time and time again.

And I don't believe there is any reason why you should be willing to "settle" for mediocrity in this game.

Having played poker professionally for over 10 years, written 3 best selling poker books and coached hundreds of students, I have gotten to see first-hand what holds most people back.

And in most cases it simply boils down to not knowing the proven winning poker strategies to beat today's games.

So that is why I created this Elite Poker University training with 50+ videos, over 200 in-depth example hands and dozens of downloadable "cheat sheets" to quickly get you much better results at the poker table.

With 17 hours of advanced poker training lessons I show you the step by step proven strategies to consistently beat cash games, tournaments, zoom and sngs, whether you play live or online.

And I cover all of the real situations that cause most poker players the most trouble.

For Example:

How to play your AK on a 875 flop, when an aggressive player raises you.

Or how to play your KKon a A53 flop, when one of those unpredictable "fishy" players raises you.

It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner to poker or an experienced grinder, my Elite Poker University gives you the practical strategies you need to know, to start quickly winning consistently, right now.

Don't allow yourself to settle for mediocre results at the poker tables anymore.

Let me show you how to get the world class results in this game that you deserve!
BlackRain79 Elite Poker University

Meet Your


Hi, my name is Nathan Williams, also known as "BlackRain79"

I am a 10+ year professional poker player and a 3-time best selling poker author.

You may have also seen my poker videos on YouTube.

I created this course to teach you the proven strategies to take your game to the next level 🚀

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University

Full Course Curriculum ♠️

  Welcome to BlackRain79 Elite Poker University!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Elite Preflop Poker Strategy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Elite Flop Poker Strategy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Elite Turn Poker Strategy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Elite River Poker Strategy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to Manage Your Poker Career Like the Pros
Available in days
days after you enroll
  *BONUS* BlackRain79 Elite Poker University Videos
Available in days
days after you enroll

Free Bonuses Also Included!

✅ Elite Zoom Poker Strategy Workshop ($300 Value)

✅ Elite Tournament Poker Strategy Workshop ($500 Value)

✅ Download My Preflop Starting Hand "Cheat Sheets" for Every Position at the Poker Table ($200 Value)

✅ The Ultimate Guide to Semi-Professional Poker ($200 Value)

✅ The Ultimate Guide to Playing Poker Professionally ($500 Value)

What You Will Learn

♦️ Learn Exactly What Hands to Play

Learn exactly what hands to play at every seat at the poker table.

Don't know if you should play QT or J8 from the Button?

Download the free starting hand "cheat sheets" in video lesson #5 and see for yourself!

Learn exactly how much to bet, raise and bluff in every situation. No more guessing, follow my simple formulas for bet sizing 🔍

Learn exactly what hands to call a Preflop raise with and what hands to re-raise with.

Don't know if you should just call or re-raise with TTor AJ♠?

Learn my simple Preflop formulas for maximum profit.

♣️ Learn to Dominate the Flop, Turn and River

Learn when to bet, raise and bluff on every single flop, turn and river board texture.

This includes difficult spots like:

You have QQ and an aggressive player raises you on a Flop of KT5


You have AAand one of those wild "fishy" players check/raises you on the Turn 8764

It's time to stop guessing in spots like this.

Learn exactly how to play optimally in these situations!

Or how about some highly Advanced Bluffs?

For Example:

Learn how to turn your 55into a highly profitable Triple Barrel Bluff versus a Tight/Passive player on a River of T76AK

There are 17 hours of video lessons and hundreds of example hands where I walk you step by step through all the most profitable beginner strategies as well as highly advanced plays like this.

♥️ Learn Advanced Poker Strategy

Advanced hand reading versus all 5 major player types: Loose, Tight, Aggressive, Passive and Fishy.

No more guessing what these players might have. Use my simple formulas to quickly put them on a concise range of hands 🔍

For example:

Do you struggle versus Loose and Aggressive players in mid or high stakes poker games?

Learn how to use their aggression against them by making highly profitable wide multi-street calldowns with a hand like 98on a River of AT843

How about making huge Bluffs versus Tight Passive players and forcing them to lay-down a good hand?

Learn how to use my famous River Overbet Shove ALL-IN on the right board textures such as 45684for massive ridiculous value versus Fishy players and as a total Bluff versus Tight Passives! 📈

♠️ The Professional Poker Player's Edge

Learn from my 10+ years as a professional poker player how to manage your career both on and off the tables.

For Example:

How to manage your emotions at the poker table like the pros.

Video #39 will teach you how to finally fix that TILT problem of yours once and for all! ✅

Learn how to manage your bankroll, what poker games to play in, how much poker earnings you should expect to make and more!

Learn the 15 HUD stats that all online pros use and download my free custom HUD that I personally use as a pro.

🏆 The Free Bonuses

Comprehensive Zoom Poker Strategy workshop, learn the top strategies used by Zoom pros! (includes my Zoom ultimate strategy guide ebook, free download)

Comprehensive Tournament Poker Strategy workshop, learn how to dominate the Early Stages, Middle Stages, Bubble and Final Table!

How to become a Semi-Pro or Full Time Pro. Learn from my 10+ years of experience as a professional poker player! 🚀

Download my popular Starting Hand Selection "Cheat Sheets" and never guess again which hands to play (free download for all enrolled students).
Learn Exactly What Hands to Play (Download the "Cheat Sheets") 📖

Learn How to CRUSH Aggressive Poker Players in All Situations 💪

Learn My Famous River "ALL-IN" Over-bet Jam Strategy!

See What Others Had to Say After Enrolling

Tyler, Canada 🇨🇦

Amateur poker player

❝ I have had some decent success in live $1/$3 games but always struggled online. I honestly thought I was a hopeless case. It's a little bit embarrassing to admit how many times I have built up a bankroll, only to lose it all yet again.

After enrolling in Nathan's Elite University my results have skyrocketed at 10NL, 25NL and now at 50NL. I honestly never thought this was even possible for someone like me.

He really opened up my eyes to what it takes to beat the better players and not get frustrated when the fishy players get lucky against me. ❞

Paul, New York, USA 🇺🇸

Amateur poker player

❝ I have struggled in small stakes cash games and tournaments for a long time. I could never quite figure out what I was doing wrong.

I mean I know the basics, but something just never clicked for me. I would also often get frustrated when I lost to weaker players.

When Nathan taught me his simple tight and aggressive strategy for small stakes, my results started to improve quickly, as my graph proves.

It's only small stakes (for now) so it's not a lot of money, but it does feel great to finally start winning consistently. Thanks Nathan! ❞

James, England 🇬🇧

Live amateur player

❝ I am mostly a live player, 1/2 games and sometimes the odd low stakes tourney. Since enrolling in Nathan's Elite Poker University I have won in 25 out of my last 30 sessions!

What's even more, I finally started winning consistently online, which is something I thought would never happen, if I am to be honest.

It's not a lot of money for most people. But it means a lot to me. It also feels amazing to start finally stacking up the wins! ❞

Mike, California, USA 🇺🇸

Amateur part-time player

❝ Before trying Nathan's new poker course I gotta be honest, I had tried everything. I have read every book, studied ever training course out there. But nothing ever really stuck for me. That was before I learned Nathan's strategy. There is something about the way he explains it for us amateurs that just clicks. I honestly wish I had enrolled in this course much sooner as my results have really taken off in small and now mid stakes cash and tournies. I included my graph below as proof! ❞
BlackRain79 Elite Poker University
Frank Reed, Texas, USA 🇺🇸

Amateur poker player

"Over the past few years, I have been obsessed and overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to win consistently at poker."

"I think I am like many beginner poker players who caught the poker "bug." I tried every strategy, tool and software and followed every poker coaches' advice because they promise the world and make it all seem so easy. Cost? Huge. Results? Not so many. When I came across Nathan Williams I felt there was something different though. In his YouTube poker videos, blog and books he just seemed real to me and down to earth for us struggling small stakes players. I'm half way through his new course and I finally had my first real winning month at the poker tables. Maybe this is just a lucky run of cards, but I feel much more confident in my reads and decision making. I also feel like Nathan really cares about us, which is something unique among poker coaches."

Daniel Craig, England 🇬🇧

Live cash player

"I was on the fence about joining BlackRain79 Elite Poker University because I felt like I pretty much knew everything that I needed to know about winning at poker already."

"I was already making around £300 per week playing part-time in my local 1/3 game, but I decided that, knowing Nathan, I would give it a shot. Boy was it worthwhile. Nathan goes so far beyond any of the other materials I've seen out there. So many great strategies and new ideas for beating "good" poker players, which was something I honestly struggled with a lot. If you want to be successful in small or mid stakes poker, this course is a must buy!"

William Johnson, Australia 🇦🇺

Amateur poker player

"Nathan provided the foundation to understand what works in today's more competitive poker games, including the basic strategies for beginners to start winning right away. But he went even further with formulas to create custom strategies to beat each type of player, loose, aggressive, tight, crazy etc."

"Each one of these video lessons provided multiple ways to improve my winnings against all these different players. That was a lesson in itself—don't just do one thing versus every player at the poker tables. Have different strategies for everyone you face."

Steven Moore, Canada 🇨🇦

Amateur poker player

"I was already making some decent earnings from poker playing part-time, but I knew I could do a lot better. Having read a few of Nathan's poker books, which helped me a lot, I decided to give his Elite Poker University a shot."

"Boy am I glad I did. Nathan really gives you a highly focused and smart approach to the game that allows you to take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and really analyze how to win the most from every single type of player you face, good players, bad players, tight, loose, wild, aggressive and so on. This is exactly what I needed to learn in order to take my game to the next level."

Is BlackRain79 Elite Poker University Right For Me?

I made this poker training course specifically for serious poker players who have been playing for awhile, but still aren't getting the results that they really want.

Even if you only play poker as a hobby, what would it be like to start finally making a consistent profit from this game on the side?

What would it be like to start showing some real earnings from this game that you've spent so many hours on? 💰

I fell in love with this game from the moment I started playing it, and I bet you did as well.

And I can tell you that poker becomes a heck of a lot more fun when you learn how to start finally winning consistently at it! 📈

And that is why everything I teach in this course is based off of the proven strategies that I have used throughout my 10+ year professional poker career.

There is no fluff, no "theories" and no complicated math either.

Just the proven strategies you need to know whether you play cash games, tournaments, zoom, live poker or online poker.

Simply put, BlackRain79 Elite Poker University is about getting you the real and consistent results at the poker table that you deserve.

If you are ready to start taking your game to the next level, enroll right now and I will see you inside.

Beginner Friendly Strategies to Get You Winning Quickly 📈

I know that many people play small or mid stakes poker games and are struggling to win consistently.
So I made sure to include dozens of videos showing you the fundamentals of a winning poker strategy, like what hands to play and when to bet, raise and bluff.
For example, what to do when you miss the flop with A♠️Q♦️ and an aggressive player calls you.
No more guessing what to do! Follow these simple step by step video lessons to start finally creating consistent poker profits for yourself!

Advanced Pro Strategies to Beat High Stakes 💰

I have also included dozens of highly advanced strategies in my Elite Poker University for experienced poker players who are having trouble beating good players in higher stakes games.
So you will learn many of my most complex and advanced strategies that I have never revealed before, such as check/raising the river with 8♥️8♦️ vs a Loose and Aggressive Regular (LAG)

Cutting Edge Strategies For Tournaments and Zoom 🏆

There are two massive bonus workshops in this course specifically dedicated to tournaments and zoom poker.
Learn the advanced strategies used by today's top pros to abuse the Tournament Bubble and dominate the Final Table, as well as my wildly profitable bluffing strategy with A♥️4♥️ to crush tight players in Zoom.
No stone is left uncovered in this Elite Poker University training. Whether you play cash games, tournaments, zoom, sngs, live or online, low stakes, mid stakes or high stakes, I have you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions About My Elite Poker University Training 🔍

When does the course start and finish?

The course is self-paced and you may take as long as you need to complete it. There is no time limit for completion. Although my recommendation is to watch one or two videos per day, which will mean that it should take you 30 to 60 days to complete the entire course.

What's included in the course?

50+ beginner to advanced poker training videos (average video length is 20 minutes), hundreds of poker hand examples, dozens of downloadable "cheat sheet" charts. Over 17 hours of total poker training. This course is absolutely enormous and covers every poker situation imaginable, see the curriculum above :)

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course through the BlackRain79 Courses platform (hosted on Teachable).

Are there any recurring payments?

No, it is a one-time payment only, which will give you lifetime access to my Elite Poker University. There are no recurring fees, ever!

Can I Enroll with PayPal?

Yes, on the checkout page under the "Payment Information" section, switch from the Credit Card radio button to the PayPal radio button. Then select your country and click either the "PayPal" or "Buy Now" button to be directed to the PayPal checkout.

Can I Enroll with Skrill?

Yes, just send the payment to my Skrill email address and I will enroll you asap: [email protected]

How do I access the course materials?

Log in to BlackRain79 Courses by clicking Sign Up/Login in the upper right of this page
Course videos are not available for download and must be viewed through the platform. Some items though, such as course "cheat sheets," will be available to download.

What skills will this course teach me?

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University will teach you the proven poker strategies that I have personally used as a 10+ year poker pro. You will learn how to start getting the real and consistent results that you deserve at the poker tables. No more "breakeven", let's get you crushing! 📈

What equipment/tools will I need to complete the course?

Access to a computer, tablet or smart phone, an email account, and a burning desire to dramatically improve your poker game. Additionally, I ask that you have a basic understanding of the rules of poker first. I will not explain for example if a flush beats a straight or what a bet or a call is in poker. It is assumed that you have already learned the basic rules of poker before enrolling in this training course.

Who is this Elite Poker University Training For?

I specifically made this poker training course accessible for all skill levels, whether you are a total beginner to the game of poker or an advanced pro. I explain the most basic concepts and strategies step by step for total beginners and include highly advanced strategies for experienced players in high stakes games. This course covers no limit hold'em cash games, tournaments, sngs, zoom, whether you play live or online poker.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

My Elite Poker University training is all about getting you real and consistent results at the poker table. So, if you're unhappy with the course for any reason, just let me know within the first 14 days and I will give you a full refund. However, since I have used the exact strategies I teach you in this course myself as a 10+ year professional poker player, I am confident they will bring you much improved results at the poker tables as well.

What do I do if I need help?

For questions about your billing or accessing the course materials, please email me at [email protected] You can also feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about how to use the course material in your poker games.

Let's get you crushing your poker games 🚀

No more spinning your tires and getting "breakeven" results for years and years on end in this game anymore.

How would it feel to finally start making an extra $1000 per month, $5000 per month, $10,000 per month or more from poker, even if you only play this game as a hobby?

And for those who have lofty goals in this game, what would it feel like to start rapidly moving up the stakes and moving closer to your goal of playing Semi-Pro or Full-Time Pro?

Learn the proven poker strategies that I have used as a 10+ year professional poker player.

And start getting the real and consistent results at the poker table, that you deserve!

Enroll in my Elite Poker Training University right now to get started.